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Top-Notch Care for Montreal Dogs and Cats

With almost 25 years of experience in dog grooming, we have a lot of know-how to share with pet owners. You can rely on our staff at Adorable Animal to give you answers to any questions you may have.


Why can’t you cut my dog/cat's nails shorter?
Clipping the nails too short may result in cutting into the animal's quick, which contains live blood vessels, leading to bleeding.

Will my dog go blind if I cut the hair over his eyes?

No, it's a myth. Having your dog's hair cut by a professional prevents it from irritating his or her eyes too much and helps avoid eye infections.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

Most dogs require regular grooming at least 4 times a year but many need much more than this to prevent matting, to keep the coat in good condition or to maintain a longer haircut. We offer special plans based on your pet's needs. Ask about our 3 and 4 week plans and allow us take something off your “to-do’ list!!

Is it ok to shave my dog in the winter?

Absolutely, you can have your dog shaved in the winter…ask our groomer what is the best plan depending on your dog’s breed and lifestyle and we will explain all the different options for you.

For more pet care tips, feel free to give us a call. If you prefer to chat in person, drop by our pet grooming boutique in Pierrefonds.

Pet Grooming is Our Passion-Over the years, my incredible staff of which Julie Legault, Sandra Lemire and Angela Hudon have been with me…
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