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Our Dog and Cat Grooming Studio

When I was 26, I knew that all I wanted was to open a grooming studio that could take care of all the pets in and around the area. Many people thought I was crazy to quit my job as a groomer and open my very own studio with simply a dream but I had vision and a plan…so I did just that! With the most incredible help of many people, and I cannot say thank you enough to Angela Hudon (my Mom) the late Peter Hudon (my Dad), Julie Legault (my ROCK) and Sandra Lemire (my other ROCK)… we DID IT!!! We also continue to DO IT!!!


As the owner of Adorable Animal, I could not possibly say enough about my incredible staff, and without them I would not be where I am today. Angela Hudon, Julie Legault, Sandra Lemire, Cara Fournier, Tricia DiStasio, Kaitlyn Kurys and many more have been the most dedicated, loving and professional people I have ever met, and I am proud to consider them part of my family. They are not only the best groomers around by far but also wonderful women whom I have been so fortunate to know and call my friends. All the customers who have the opportunity to meet and speak with them would agree that they have what it takes to make a successful grooming studio work. Our customers know that they are leaving their pets in the hands of people that live and breathe for animals, that HAVE and LOVE many of their own that they have adopted from shelters or rescue places… Some of us have 7 or 8 adopted pets at a time!

Over the years, my incredible staff, of which two have been with me since the very beginning and others close to it, have created an unbelievable grooming studio that pampers and beautifies your special pets. Our love for your best friends is what makes Adorable Animal the BEST grooming studio in all of Montreal and is recommended by vets from all over! Word of mouth is our best source of advertising. And 6000 satisfied customers—that speaks for itself in my humble opinion.

Marie Hudon

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